A School Where I Belong

The Blog Behind the Book

In the lead up to the publication of A School Where I Belong, we have shared some of the conversations we have had with learners, teachers and principals.

The book is now available in stores!

In the coming weeks all of the filmed conversations will be available on this site as well as advice, strategies and suggestions for schools to create places where all feel they belong.

As the book is launched across the country and we continue our work in schools with teachers, management teams, parents and learners, we will keep on sharing reflections and what we are learning.

The privileges we possess

In writing the book, A School Where I Belong, we got to sit across from school leaders, such as Tony, who runs a boy's school that is over a hundred years old. 

His school is without doubt very successful. The boys perform well academically, participate in various cultural activities and shine on the sports fields. Many South African leaders have walked through the gates of the school he runs and no doubt, many more will continue to do so.

But what Tony recognises in the video clip below, is that this success has come, in part (and to be fair, in a big part) on the back of a past that benefitted boys that look like him. There is a privilege that has been granted and later inherited that has shaped the success of schools like his. 

This privilege from the past, as Tony accepts and reminds us, needs to be recognised, spoken about and then transformed into a responsibility to create a better present and a better future. 

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